Food Is Medicine

Food is medicine and can affect physical as well as mental health. My interest in healthy eating and supplements started not long after I was injured. As a hobby, I started reading books about vitamins and minerals. I would use this information to doctor myself when I developed a urinary tract infection or even the […]

Disabled or Handicapped

What is the difference between being disabled and being handicapped?   Many years ago a blind physician named Stanley Wainapel explained the difference to me.  Examples of disabilities include stuttering, blindness, deafness, paralysis, hyperactivity, and depression. My disability is paralysis of the upper and lower extremities. However, this disability does not equal handicapped. If I […]

Faith in Crises

“Why Me?”  Is usually the first thing we say when something bad happens. When my doctor said, “Jim, you will never walk again”, I was angry and turned to God demanding an explanation.  ” I was a straight shooter and played by the rules, what did I do to deserve such a tragedy at age […]

Idea’s for “Yes I Can!”

My main reason for writing this book is to provide encouragement and inspiration for anyone  who may be facing obstacles in life. Therefore, I would love to add content to my book in order to make it more useful for others. Please submit questions or topics that you would like to read about in my book […]